What Is Manual Handling? Examples of Manual Handling

Manual Handling Is Very Common At Any Construction Or Maintenance Site. It Is Used To Lift Any Material And Move It From One Place To Another. If Manual Handling Is Not Performed Correctly, The Potential For Worker Injury And Loss Increases. The Majority Of Workers Who Mostly Deal With Manual Handling Are Most Exposed To The Danger And Losses Caused By It. Therefore, It Is Very Important To Know Correctly What Manual Manipulation Is And How To Perform Manual Manipulation. What Is Manual Handling? Examples of Manual Handling.

We Often Carry Out Manual Handling Even In Our Homes, We Have To Lift Things From The Household And Carry Them From One Place To Another, Therefore We Are Also Surrounded By Dangers Related To This In Our Homes. In This Article I Will Tell You Complete Information About What Manual Manipulation Is And How To Perform Manual Manipulation.

What Is Manual Handling?

What Is Manual Handling: Manual Handling Usually Involves Lifting, Lowering, Pushing, Pulling, Holding, Moving, And Holding An Object By Hand. Some Examples Include Loading And Unloading Boxes Or Other Items From Trucks, Carts, Lifting Laundry Bags, Equipment Trays, Moving Any Item From One Location To Another; Loading Paper Into The Copier, Lifting, Pulling, Pushing And Moving Any Object From Here To There With Hands Without The Help Of Any Other Equipment In The Workplace Is Called Manual Handling. If Not Done Correctly, The Worker Can Suffer Serious Injuries And Health Problems.

Danger Of Manual Handling

Manual Handling Requires The Worker To Use Force When Handling And Moving Materials And May Be Exposed To Physical Conditions Such As Improper Body Positions And Repetitive Motions That Can Lead To Injury. And Concussion-Related Injuries Include Cuts, Bruises And Muscle Pain To Serious Conditions Ranging From Lower Back Pain; Shoulder Disorders; Or Hip And Knee Damage. Based On Available Data, About Half Of Lower Back Injuries Are Related To Improper Lifting, About 10% Are Related To Pushing And Pulling, And Another 6% Are Related To Catching, Running, Throwing, Or Carrying Materials. Occurs During

A Person’s Ability To Perform A Task May Vary Due To Differences In Age, Physical Condition, Strength, Gender, Height, And Other Factors. Often The Specific Cause Of A Chronic Musculoskeletal Problem Is Unknown. This Type Of Pain Does Not Occur Immediately; It Gets Worse Over Time.

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Manual Handling Types Of Injuries

Many Types Of Injuries Can Occur Due To Mishandling Accidents, Some Common Injuries Are:-

  • Sprain & Strain – Sprains And Strains In The Body
  • Contusion – To Be Crushed
  • Lacerations – Wounds In Any Part Of The Body
  • Fractures – Broken Bones
  • Back Injury – Back Pain/Injury
  • Slipped Discs, Tears And Hernias
  • Torn Ligaments And Tendons

Causes Of Injury

The Injury I Told You About Can Have The Following Reasons:-

  • Bad Posture – Sudden Movements, Turning, Twisting
  • Heavy Loads – Loads Exceeding The Carrying Capacity
  • Rough Surfaces – Sharp, Jagged Edges, Debris, Sharp Objects
  • Lack Of Knowledge – Lack Of Knowledge About The Load
  • Obscured Vision – Walking Backwards, Carrying A Load That Makes It Difficult To See, Etc.

How About Manual Handling?

You Must Have Understood What Manual Handling Is And Its Damage And Danger. Now I Will Tell You How To Do Manual Manipulation And What Is The Correct Way Of Manual Manipulation. Before Manually Handling Any Cargo The Following Must Be Done:-

Wherever Possible Try To Eliminate The Need For Manual Handling And If Possible Use Mechanical Lifting Equipment Such As Crane, Forklift Etc.

Evaluate Manual Handling Tasks To Identify And Reduce Manual Handling Hazards
Proper Manual Handling Technique Should Be Properly Trained.
A Limitation Of The Weight That Can Be Lifted By Hand Should Be Considered, A Person Can Lift A Maximum Of 25 KG.

Hand Manipulation Right Techniques

Before Lifting Any Load With Your Hands It Is Important To Keep Many Things In Mind Which Of These Things Are Given Below Please Read Them Carefully:-

Hand Manipulation Right Techniques

1. Lifting Capacity
While Lifting Any Weight, We Must Keep In Mind Our Body Structure, Age, Training And Technique So That We Do Not Face Any Problem While Lifting It.

2. Nature Of Load – Estimate Of Load
Then Check The Load To Be Lifted In Terms Of Its Weight, Width, Length, Round, Square, Slippery, Sharp, Center Of Gravity Of The Load And The Place And Distance For Lifting And Carrying, Etc., So That There Is No Problem In Lifting It. If The Load Is Too Heavy, Get Help From Others Or Use The Machine.

3. Correct Lifting Technique – The Correct Way To Lift A Load
Now Comes The Turn Of What Is The Correct Way To Lift A Load? Most People Put Pressure On Their Back, I.E. Waist, To Lift Any Object, Due To Which They May Complain Of Waist And Back Pain. This Should Not Be Done At All, You Have To Use The Method Given Below:-

  • First, Keep Your Feet In The Right Position
  • Keep Your Knees Flexible
  • Keep Your Back Straight
  • Keep Both Hands Close To Your Body And Approach The Weight.
  • Grasp The Load Well And Hold It Well
  • Chin And Head Up
  • Lift The Load Slowly Using Your Body Weight.
  • Keep Your Back I.E. Your Spine Straight And Lift The Load By Emphasizing Your Leg Muscles.
  • To Place The Weight Back, Use The Same Method, Keep Your Back Straight, Bend Your Leg And Place The Weight.


In This Article, You Must Have Complete Information About Kya Hai Hand Manipulation And Kaise Kare Hand Manipulation, Its Related Risks And Proper Hand Manipulation Technique, I Hope You Have Understood, If You Have Any Comments On This Issue, Please Let Us Know In The Comment Box.


Q1. How do you control manual handling?

Ans: Make The Load Smaller Or Lighter And Easier

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